• Yes, it's a good system

    Their initial proposals were stupid, the company looked like it was from another planet when introducing the console at E3, there were tons of early mistakes. Those don't matter with regards to what the product currently is, which is a really solid console with tons of promise going forward. It was poorly managed but that doesn't make it bad now.

  • I hate back track (what is that and peanuts in a snake jar of brittle) #lol yolo

    With my extensive use of the x box 9, i have concauckted a formula that will help you with all of your personal issues, e+9=44(y‚·°‡flfi›´ÎÏ˝Ó¨Ï◊ıÔÓ˝Á¨Ó˝◊˝¨ˆÔÓÔ¯) eeeeeee scrumdiddly!

    Anyway i have eaten your curdle and your candle fridge. C u on the flip side baffle!!

    From, a homo sapian. # lol

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