• They have clearly demonstrated already.

    Any group that believes that 1% of the country should pay for 99% of the country, is clearly ignorant or stupid. The Millenials also believe that an 80 year old Socialist/Communist senator should be president because he's cool. That tells you all you need to know about them. They grew up with a cell phone and Facebook instead of a ball and glove. They think work is done by doing a Google search, then copy/pasting.

  • They already are.

    I see that someone else has already taken my headline of choice. With that being said, I think that these so called millenials are already the joke of the world. They are entitled and have zero desire to do any real level of work so as to get what they want.

  • They already are.

    The egocentric nonsense spouted by the me generation of the 80's has been amplified ten-fold by these whiny, self-absorbed millennials incapable of doing anything for themselves, relying instead on others to handle their basic needs. All they need is their cell phones, MacBooks, and iPods, and they're fully satiated on their basic needs. Education? They desire to learn nothing. The world is something to look up on Google or Wikipedia, specious at best.

  • Perhaps they will.

    I can't help but feel that the 2000 generation is gonna be the most annoying generation ever. They are obsessed with social networks, phones, and tablets. They don't talk to each other and have really short attention spans. I don't understand this, I prefer to have a deeper connection with my friends and family.

  • No, Millenials will overcome these short term difficulties

    Chump Generation is a reference to Walter Samuelson's March 8, 2010 Washington Post article in which he asserts that the Millenial generation is in danger of losing work skills due to the extended financial crisis. I would argue that the rapid pace of change in the modern work place makes this period of unemployment less relevant to this generation as a similar period would have been to previous generations.

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BrooklynHaze says2013-04-04T20:51:09.103
Only if they learn what's happening around them, then they may have a chance of not being the beginning chumps of future generations.