• Yes, millennials will vote overwhelmingly Democratic.

    Millennial voters are likely to cast votes overwhelmingly for the Democratic Party this election. Millennials tend to be more liberal than older generations, as well as more dependent on the government. Since so many millennials cannot stand on their own two feet, they require government assistance to get by. This makes the generation much more supportive of Democratic politicians.

  • I think they will.

    Millenials tend to be more liberal-minded in my opinion because they grew up in the age of the internet and were exposed to different cultures. The Democratic party has a reputation of being more accepting of different types of people so I think that will appeal to millenials and they will vote for Clinton.

  • Yes, I believe that millennials will vote overwhelmingly Democrat.

    Yes, I believe that millennials will vote overwhelmingly Democrat. This generation would not think that many of Donald Trump's tactics are appropriate. Furthermore, many of the statements that Donald Trump has made about other races are offensive. Millennials tend not to support this way of thinking. In addition, Donald Trump is out of touch with America.

  • Yes, the vast majority will vote for Hillary Clinton.

    Most millennials will vote for Hillary Clinton, because millennials tend to be more liberal than most other generations, and with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee, an even higher percentage of millennials than normal will probably vote for her. However, many of the more conservative millennials will vote for Gary Johnson.

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