Will Miss Colombia's win as Miss Universe assist in supporting women's rights in Colombia?

  • Miss Colombia's win as Miss Universe will assist in supporting women's rights in Colombia.

    By winning the Miss Universe contest, global attention will be focused on Colombia, and this will help support women's rights there. Due to the global nature of the Miss Universe contest, people all over the world will be focused on Colombia. Miss Columbia's win will allow her to get her voice out to people across the world that there are women's rights violations occurring in Columbia that need to be addressed.

  • What a joke

    If anything, it shows women are only good for their looks. Well not ONLY, but seriously... "you look good, therefore you win" is not really the best motto for women's rights... Unless of course by "women's rights," they mean "women can do whatever they want and get paid." AKA treat women superior.

  • It does the opposite.

    If anything, Miss Colombia's win as Miss Universe will have the opposite effect in supporting women's rights in Colombia, because what her win does is validate that administration. The way that women are treated in Colombia is nothing to be celebrated, and yet, we have just put a crown on the head of that country.

  • Thats her call

    It certainly can't hurt but someone winning Miss Universe probably won't directly correlate to women's rights being drastically improved in Columbia. There needs to be a mass movement that is fought on a political front for something like that to happen. Also there needs to be some men on the inside willing to help fight for it as well.

  • I do not believe a beauty pagent winner will bring about much change for women's rights in Columbia.

    With Miss Columbia winning the Miss Universe pageant, while ground breaking for Columbia, I do not believe it will lead to many changes in women's rights in the South American nation. I believe her win will stay a matter of national pride but will only seek to promote further gender stereotypes and sexism against Columbian women.

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