• Yes, Mitt Romney will win the final debate.

    Yes, I believe Romney will win the final presidential debate. Mitt Romney is a much better speaker when it comes to being caught off guard. Obama is an excellent speaker, when his speeches are prepared ahead of time. When Obama is caught off guard, it is obvious, where Romney is quick on his feet. Romney has more solid points while Obama just repeats everything over and over. Obama gives no explanation why the economy has only gotten worse over the past 4 years, while Romney gives us hope for change and a different plan than Obama's previous unsuccessful plan.

  • Being on the offense is easier than being on the defense

    Obama must play defense the entire debate. Romney can easily attack on the offense with the simple question "Why haven't you done this yet?" and compare Obama's track record with his promises from 4 years ago. Obama, on the other hand, only has Romney's promises to question and attack, making it much harder for him to win tonight.

  • No, Mitt Romney will not [did not] win the final presidential debate

    No, Mitt Romney will not [did not] win the final presidential debate. Although the debate is over, the general consensus is that Mitt Romney lost the debate by a big margin. President Obama was more forceful in his speaking and more accurate in his facts. Mitt Romney simply was outplayed, so to speak.

  • The chance of Mitt Romney winning final Presidential debate is unlikely

    Even though I fully support Mitt Romney, I do not believe he will win the final Presidential debate. Obama is a great speaker, that's a fact. He fumbled on the first debate, which means he knows he has to go above and beyond on the final one. It would be great if he did win, It is very unlikely.

  • No Mitt Romney would not and did not win the final Presidential debate

    Frankly it didn't matter who won or lost any of them anyway, the outcome was decided long before to reelect Obama anyway, the voting process was just to make us think we had a choice when we had none at all. The whole thing is and has been a fraud for a long long time. So no Romney didn't win the debate, but it didn't matter, he wasn't meant to anyway.

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