Will Mitt Romney win the second Presidential debate?

  • Yes he will!

    I do believe that Mitt Romney will win the second Presidential debate. I also believe that Mitt Romney is a good man and a great presidential candidate. I do believe in the changes and promises he talks about however I think Mitt just needs to work on his presenting skills. He'll realize that he needs to be more clear and present with confidence and he will knock it out of the park.

  • Yes.

    This is kind of a stupid question. It's based entirely on what you personally are guessing is going to happen. Anyway, according to the votes of other opinions on DDO, Mitt Romney won the first presidential debate, and Joe Biden lost the vice presidential debate. Because of this, it's likely that they will win again.

  • No

    No,Mitt Romney will not win the second Presidential debate.I would prefer a quick straight forward policy/strategy that would overcome this threat.
    But, there isn't one. The threat is real. It is enduring, and it may be coming home.
    It requires the best leadership of our generation. And a "Will to Win" that will not fade.

    For the first time in my life, I see a REAL and present threat to the lives of my family, here at home. The Fort Hood attack brought that reality to my extended family, on our shores.

    Friendly diplomacy hasn't kept the terrorists away. It hasn't diminished their capacity. It hasn't turned away their anger/hate. It hasn't cooled their passion for Jihad.

  • No he doesn't stand a chance

    Mitt Romney does have a good assessment of America's economic problems, yet I do not think he will win the second debate. He does not have a lot of clarity in exactly what his plan is going to do or how it's going to help the average working class family. He wants to cut programs from the government that aren't working, but how does he determine what isn't working?

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