Will Mixed Martial Arts be legalized in New York state in the next 3 years?

Asked by: rja7
  • MMA in NewYork?

    I'm undecided as to whether it actually will be or not?I absolutely believe there are far more pros than cons to legalizing MMA in new York.There's really only a few things keeping it from happening, and the biggest problem is the culinary union according to Dana white.I thought I'd throw it out there to see what others thought.

    Posted by: rja7
  • I don't know but...

    The "sport" is awful and should be discontinued. It's essentially two people beating the piss out of each other until one is in so much pain they can't stand it or have been knocked unconscious. That's not a sport it's barbarism. If the NFL is currently facing heat for head injuries then MMA will be exponentially worse in a few years. These men will have early onset of alzheimer's and dementia. If you want to beat the hell out of each other on your free time that's your business, but this should not be a legalized way to make money.

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