Will MMA be legalized in New York within the next 2 years?

Asked by: rja7
  • Yes. The Dana White is smart.

    Dana White will make a good enough claim to why it should be legal and it may be legal in a shorter time than asked! If not then 'Oh well' their are other awesome states and New York will just be a nobody to the world of MMA. And, MMA is a pretty awesome sport.

  • MMA will be legalized

    New York will legalize MMA. The UFC has made MMA a mainstream sport and New York is one of the few states that will not legalize sanctioned fights. MMA is a safer sport than boxing, which New York does sanction, and it is just a matter of time until New York legalizes MMA. The state is losing a lot of revenue from not having UFC fights and there is no legitimate reason to sanction boxing, but not sanction MMA.

  • No, New York is too sophisticated.

    No, MMA will not be legalized in New York because the people of New York are liberal, progressive, and have good taste. The people in New York are too far advanced to want something as dangerous and childish as MMA in their communities. New Yorkers make more responsible choices for their entertainment.

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