Will more anime dating simulators decrease the amount of depression teens have?

Asked by: BigBlackDaddy
  • Teens need to feel loved don’t they?

    Dating sims may be just what they are, A dating sim, But it doesn’t feel like "just a sim" to people with depression. Having fictional characters tell you to “take care of yourself” and “make sure you eat enough” may be more than what they needed. I believe that yes, Dating sims can help, Due to the fact that they give people the care they desire and deserve when others won’t (remember, People have depression for a reason), They remind people to take care of themselves and people will continue coming back to this character who cares for them and that will help them slowly feel better.

  • Yes it does more than just decrease depression

    They should turn to simulators, this could actually decrease the amount of teen pregnancy when your waifu is better than 'real'. EVEN BETTER when your girlfriendu is not the way you like her, simply just change characters that also eliminates the concept of 'cheating' once you can just 'delete' your gf/waifu

  • Teens experience more depression from real life dating

    If they were to play a dating sim then yes they won’t date girls in real life which isn’t exactly a healthy relationship. But a lot of highschool relationships are pretty unhealthy itself. There’s always a bunch of drama caused by one person and then it spirals out of control. One may feel like they’re at fault when the other person in a relationship causes drama. Now I’m dating sims drama doesn’t always happen and if it does well then it can be worked out pretty fast. Also in the dating sims they usually make you actually care about a person and actually be by their side. Teens love escaping to that reality.

  • Yes because teens dating in real life is a nightmare

    Most teens when they experience dating they share their depression with each other and either one of them is not depressed and decides to leave because he/she does not want to be with a depressed person. Or they are both depressed and try to sound like their life is worse than the other. Or for no reason one of them will just run away from the other for no reason and then hurt them later on in the future with comments such as “you are the worst thing that’s ever happened to me”. With dating sims where teens just date a girl behind a screen they don’t normally experience this. In fact it teaches them to be loving and caring to whoever their sweethearts are. It also teaches them to enjoy the time being spent with them and try and be happy with them. Where real life dating doesn’t teach them that.

  • They are unrealistic, there i said it

    They are unrealistic, there i said it
    these simulators are very much unrealistic and will not give youngsters any real idea of what dating is supposed to be like and how seduction works, what if teens thought that being a beta male who is really nice ment you got chicks(it doesnt work you know), that is what those games theach kids

  • Categoric : NO.

    So first of all, it doesn't matter how much you date anime girls behind your screen (sounds like the perfect description for a weeaboo), you won't be able to adapt to all kind of situations. Plus, there is always a "dose of stress" when meeting and dating a real women. Ok, I would be lying if I said I don't like animes (even though I really hate cringe animes like Naruto), but STILL... I know they are machines, they don't have a life. They are just drawn on a paper or computer. The teens will then adapt to anime girls... Do you really think a women has got eyeballs the size of a Tomahawk Missile? Do you really think every single girl you find in the street have got katanas? Natural bright coloured hair? Big eyes? Today teens have to get used to their situation. If they are depressed, then they can go and see a doctor... Or simply kill themselves! We don't need to use a 24.99$ USD application called "Your Perfect Waifu!" to have a good life. And about this thing I found in the "YES" rubric : "Most teens when they experience dating they share their depression with each other [...]", what are you saying right here... Most teens huh? Humpf, I guess it's your way to see things, but totally not mine. Those anime girls on dating stuff... They are ROBOTS, THEY ARE MACHINES, THEY ARE OUR INVENTION AND THEY WILL NOT TAKE LIFE IN A FRACTION OF SECOND. You need to adapt to other humans. But hey, if you prefear eating fastfood watching hentai, it's your problem. Ok, it's all for now. Thank you bye bye.

  • They are nothing like real life

    Is a dating simulator like real life? Anyway, lots of teenagers think they have depression, when they don't. Most teenagers who claim they have depression self-diagnose themselves. Are people really trusting a video game in teaching them how to date? A video game would be 100% wrong, and won't be able to adapt to real life situations.

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