Will More Countries Follow Norway's Lead in Phasing Out FM Radio Broadcasting and Move Towards Digital Radio?

  • Yes, digital radio is a cutting edge way of broadcasting content.

    Yes, more countries will follow Norway's lead in phasing out FM radio broadcasting and move towards digital radio. It is my belief that digital broadcasting is a cutting edge way of delivering content. In this country, there are several examples of this already in existence: Sirius XM radio, Youtube, Google Hangouts, and Ustream. Additionally, multiple FM radio stations currently have mobile apps which allow listeners to stream the stations on the go. This appears to be just the beginning of a movement toward digital radio.

  • I do, indeed, agree out with FM

    Digital transmission of any kind is the face of the future and I am surprised the United States was not the lead in moving towards digital radio transmission. We are supposed to leading the way in and for the future. I am going to add, with a red-American face, that we may have chosen to take a back seat because we made of mockery of the digital television conversion.

  • Yes, more countries will phase out FM radio

    Although I do not think all countries will move towards digital radio, I do think that some countries will follow Norway's lead and phase out FM radio broadcasting. If digital radio proves itself to be better than FM radio broadcasting then why not phase it out? Out with the old and in with the new.

  • Phase out FM Radio

    More countries will begin to phase out FM radio broadcasting. The airwaves are becoming overcrowded by radio and should be used by emergency and military services rather than personal enjoyment. As technology is improved it makes more sense to follow the way and lead rather than be behind other countries and not use very useful technology

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