• Yes absolutely its a fact.

    Guns is a tool it can be used either for good or bad. But crimminals will always have guns just like drugs illegal or legal. Liveing in a bad neighborhood its a necessity u need one but we should always have a choice. If u decide to not have one its ur right. Same as if u want one i just feel alot safer with a gun

  • Well, if less guns lead to more crime then more guns should lead to less crime.

    Cases in point: Australia, Washington DC and Chicago.

    Australia enacted a strict gun ban nation wide in 1996. They had less guns alright, but thier crime went up. Within three years after the ban they hit record high murder rates, robberies went up as did other types of violent crime. How could this be if they had banned guns?
    (source: See charts homicide victims from 1993 to 2007 and violent crimes from 1996 to 2007

    Also, Washington DC enacted their gun ban and murder rates sky rocketed. Chicago has the strictest gun laws in the nation but yet they still have the highest crime rates. All the while states like Colorado and Utah have rather lenient gun laws, high gun ownership, and yet they rank rather low in crime rates (

    All this seems to suggest that less guns lead to more crime, and more guns leads to less crime. Seems counter intuitive but the evidence exists.

  • More guns will lead to less crime

    More guns will lead to less crime. This is because people are far less likely to commit crimes against each other if they know that the other person is probably armed with a firearm. This has been proven by scientific studies, and shows that more guns will actually lead to less crime.

  • Crime Happens With or Without Guns

    I do not believe more guns will lead to less crime. Guns and crime are often not linked together. There are many crimes that have nothing to do with firearms. Further restricting guns will not eliminate crime or make it substantially decrease for an extend amount of time. Crime is a social problem.

  • Guns will not lead to less violence

    If more people have access to guns, I think that those wishing to commit crimes will be more likely to invest in bullet proof clothing and other protective gear, rather than choose not to commit the crime. Additionally, even if some one were to stop one crime because they are armed, that does not negate the fact that a crime, such as attempted burglary or attempted murder, probably still took place.

  • No

    A gun is simply too much power for one person to control. It literally lets them control whether the other person lives or dies. There is not much anyone can do to stop someone with a gun from killing them. Humans tend to go mad with power, and will use it for improper gain or revenge.

  • More guns will lead to MORE, not less, crime.

    The more hands guns fall into, the more chances for crime and tragedy. From those who are not mentally sound enough to have guns, to those who are not responsible enough to have guns. It almost seems as if acquiring a gun is easier than getting your driver's license. Stricter gun regulations is what will lead to less crime, as well as gun owners who are able to be have responsibly, legally and who lock their guns and ammunition so that family members cannot get to them.

  • No, more guns lead to more crime

    More guns lead to more crime because guns are dangerous and very lethal. When people use guns and show guns to other people, they pose serious threat to those around them. Even weapons were meant for self protection. A lot of times, tragedies could happen because of miscommuncation and lives are lost.

  • That hasn't worked so far.

    If there's one thing we have here in the United States, it's lots of guns and lots of crime. Keeping guns out of the hands of criminals seems like an almost impossible task, though. Given our Second Amendment rights, it's also unlikely we'll be able to pass any meaningful legislation to change things.

  • More guns will not lead to less crime.

    More guns will not necessarily lead to less crime.Any time there are more guns most of those guns will be illegal which means that crimes will be committed in larger numbers.So the theory that more guns means fewer crimes is totally refuted because the opposite is actually true in most cases.

  • More guns will lead to more gun crime.

    I have not seen a correlation between guns owned and a lessening in gun crime. As far as I am concerned, the only way to commit a crime with a gun is by owning one. And if more people own guns than there will be more gun crime, so I disagree.

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