Will More People Be Eligible for Medicaid Under Obamacare?

  • Medicaid Eligibility Expanded by Obamacare

    Despite popular belief, Obamacare actually makes more people than ever before eligible for Medicaid. The healthcare law expands eligibility by reducing the regular requirements for coverage. Millions more people will be able to acquire health insurance through Medicaid thanks to these simple changes, which will soon take effect in America.

  • Enrollment opens opportunities

    With the affordable care act more people are now eligible for different healthcare benefits. I think that because of this ACA more people will be eligible for medicaid under the Obama administration. I think the idea that the ACA will be limiting is something that people throw out to hate on the President.

  • Is this really a bad thing?

    Obamacare requires every citizen to have some form of health insurance. I have not looked to deep into the whole Obamacare issue; however, if it will help Americans recieve FREE health coverage, I say why not? I do believe every American should have some form of insurance as it will only benefit them.

  • Yes, but only in some states and in some situations.

    There may be some states that are using Obamacare to expand their definition of Medicaid in order to allow a greater number of people to participate. However, Medicaid has rules about paying down your assets that someone, even one with a low income, might not be willing or able to do. And many states aren't expanding their definition anyway.

  • Written into Obamacare law is the expansion of Medicaid

    There is no doubt that more people will be eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare, as the law pushes for an expansion of Medicaid. The best way to achieve an expansion of Medicaid is to loosen the eligibility requirements for Medicaid, which will make more people eligible. Lastly, as the law mandates all people should have health insurance, for those who cannot afford it, Medicaid is the only option, thus they will have to be eligible.

  • No it would cover the same

    There are not more people eligible for medicaid under Obama care. Obama care will not directly affect the number of people who qualify under the current standards. This may change over time as more is revealed about the health care plan. Medicaid may not be able to support more people.

  • They will not.

    More people will not be eligible for Medicaid under Obamacare. Obamacare will make it easier and cheaper to get health benefits from other providers, but will not make it so more people can get Medicaid. If that were true, you would end up paying more taxes as Medicaid is of no cost to the people who are on it.

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