• We need more politicans to switch from Clinton to Sanders

    I would love to see more politicans backing Sanders than Clinton. Though I am a registered republican, the last thing I would want to see is Clinton and Trump as the final candidates for our country. I would love to see Sanders win out over Clinton so that if the republican nomination goes to Trump I am not left voting between the lesser of two evils. I would vote Sanders over either Clinton or Trump.

  • It is definitely a possibility.

    Bernie Sanders is already getting more support than expected, and Hillary Clinton has a huge trust problem. Politicians like to be on the winning team. If it gets to the point that it looks like Bernie Sanders can win over Hillary Clinton, I think more politicians will switch their support from Clinton to Sanders.

  • Hillary, your crime syndicate is showing...

    All of the information coming out about Hillary and her too-many-to-name scandals, shows that she is corrupt and she would run our government like a crime syndicate,. Even the citizens formerly in denial are waking up to this fact. Hillary's numbers have dropped, Whoever supported Hillary in the beginning will go to Bernie, barring a more palatable candidate arriving on the scene. I've heard rumors of a few that are considering it. But if not, then yes, they will go to Bernie Sanders.

  • Yes, I feel more politicians will switch to Sanders from Clinton

    Bernie Sanders has better clarity of thought than Clinton on the issues that the United States is facing .Hillary Clinton's path to victory involves winning the voters she lost in 2008. And Bernie Sanders's path to victory depends on winning the voters Hillary Clinton won in 2008.More politicians can hence switch to Sanders

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