• A Robotic Future in Manufacturing

    If a company has an opportunity to replace humans with robots, it will take that chance. Not only do robots work until they malfunction, the employer doesn't have to worry about breaks, overtime, vacation, or weekends. Most industries use automated robotics or computers in some fashion, and in doing so, lower their bottom line. There's no reason not to use robots instead of humans as long as they cost roughly the same or less.

  • Yes, I think that they will.

    Yes, I think that more warehouses will switch to using robots like Amazon has done because companies find that they are paying too many people to be in the warehouse and it is a huge impact on the companies financial means. With robots no one would be paid for that kind of work and companies would save hundreds of dollars.

  • Yes, more warehouses will absolutely switch to using robots like Amazon.

    On one hand, the initial investment required to install a fleet of robots to do factory work is considerable, as are the technical challenges. For this reason, there will likely always remain some economic sectors where warehouse robots won't be economically feasible. But for every sector where they do make sense, you can absolutely believe that industry will be quick to adopt them. Human workers are expensive and sometimes difficult to deal with, and if there is a viable alternative, it will definitely happen.

  • The Robot Takeover Has Begun

    If a robot can do the job of human more efficiently and for less cost, companies will go forward with it. Machines and technology have been replacing humans for decades, and there is no reason that it won't continue. As long as Amazon delivers the right things to the right people, more warehouses will use robots instead of humans.

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