• Of course it will!

    I am currently on a mobile phone that runs Mozilla os and am able to do every thing that an apple product does. As I am writing this I curently have 200 running tabs on my mobile firefox browser. I do not believe that apple even compairs. Android should be a robot annd not a mobile device and its existance is a disgrace of the Darlics from Happy Potter.

  • NO it might not

    Most probably it wont. Because, Mozilla os is aimed at people with low budget. Therefore the specs will be really low. This os has nothing new, all the apps are already there. Their app store is not very good because it is very new. Also, the os runs only on the devices compatible for android. Is people want the os, they have to spend money on buying that android compatible device. Insted of that, they would rather go for android, for the same price.

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