Will Murdock's stocks and value go back up after refraining to buy Time Warner?

  • Yes the value of Murdock's stock will go up after the cancellation of the Time Warner merger.

    The proposed merger of Murdock's News companies and Time Warner would have diluted the value of Murdock's companies until the merged company had shed a lot of nonperforming brands and cut the worldwide workforce. Without that overhead on the books Murdock's share prices will return to their historical highs, in a short period of time.

  • Yes they will

    I think that the stocks will go back up because that is what stocks do. Especially, because they did not by Time Warner. Time Warner has a bad reputaion and this would have dragged the stocks down even more. So, things will get better and the stocks will go back up.

  • Murdock's knowledge will get investors back after Time Warner decision

    Murdock is one of the biggest names in the investment world, but the recent hit has some people scratching their heads. While the decision to not buy Time Warner might be surprising, it's a temporary setback for Murdock. With so many other popular decisions and a chance to prove himself, it is my opinion that investors will see that the decision was wise and will be fruitful in the long run.

  • Murdock's Stocks Will NOT Increase

    By not allowing for acquisition of a great company like Time Warner, Murdock has inhibited the growth of his financial enterprise. Time Warner has great media and RD to expand. Assuming Time Warner can have marketable productions in the future, Time Warner will rebound and increase in value. Murdock must buy now! This will increase his media dynasty. I would sell and I anticipate other investors will sell their shares because Murdock is not willing to expand.

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