• Not sure, but leaning towards yes...

    I kind of see a flip side to this argument. You see, it really depends if you are a teen listening to pop, like me (13), or a 60 year old listening to country. (Sorry about using stereotypes, but that was just an example, so, sorry if that was offensive to anyone. ) But for me, the pop music sucks. Its all literally sounds the same. High pitched voices, girls butts, sexy girls, love, its literally all the same. There's the occasional song thats original,and then proceeds to being overplayed. E.G Happy.
    I could see how the music could improve, but when that happens, people copy, and all the songs come out hearing the same once again. It's like a social pyramid, for example. When something happens near the top, something different, the rest of the pyramid slowly evolves/changes to be like the top. (Popular kids)

  • Probably but Justin Bieber isn't as bad as everyone says.

    I thought this year's music was just terrible excluding a few songs. While I think there will still be some good songs I also think people like Jay Z or whatever will become more popular and I can't stand that music. Oh and the thing with Justin Bieber is yes he is talented but people glorify everything he does and then say thats why he ''can't sing''. People say he's untalented cuz they dont like his genre but you can still think someone is good in their genre.

  • It it really music?

    I would say that the "mainstream" music that most people listen to, as in the pop, is mostly a dubstep beat with some singer under it. Otherwise it is a simple chord progression with a singer who is using auto-tune. The subject matter of songs have changed over time also. So yes, music is getting worse over time and the trend will continue.

  • Well, look at it now

    When music was on the 70s-90s it was amazing, and depending on what genre (to me its rock/metal and a bit of classic) was around in those years was good, but now days, with people listening to dubstep, skrillex, and that pop and rap, the next generation of kids should develop a even worse music genre, called static noises.. So yeah, music should be getting worse as it goes on

  • Music will always be music

    Just because you grew up in one era, doesn't make that older era better than today's era. Today there's plenty of good music on the market. There's a taste for everyone, from Christian to heavy metal music. Quality music with a story and meaning. So yes. Of course, music had a golden era, however that doesn't mean good quality music isn't made.

  • With the attention the majority is giving towards new songs on the radio, they are attracted to it is because it makes them feel popular.

    I heard a girl scream the other day "OH MY GOSH I LOVE TWENTY ONE PILOTS, but I've only heard Stressed Out". But I think people are going to start realizing what they're doing wrong, and they'll start making songs that people like because they sound good, and they understand their meaning. But they've got a lot of work to do.

  • History and Morality.

    All that I can hope for is that people will finally realise that music shouldn't be something to do for money, but a way to express yourself and your history. You should want to share your story, and in doing so, not ask for payment, for life lessons should always be without charge. Read Aesop's Fables.

  • Bad case of good music overshadowed by viral bad music

    With the advancement of technology, we can now share any of our recorded music over the media. This means that regardless of the quality of the music, people can share their music work over the internet and become viral. Some examples of horrible new musics are like Rebecca Black's Friday song and Justin bieber's baby. These music songs are amazingly bad but they went viral because most people think that they are entertaining. Some newly created good music pieces may be overshadowed by those horrible ones. It is not that music is becoming worse but the creation of bad viral musics that divert our attention from the good ones.

  • The music canon always determines the answer.

    Music is a funnel. In the present, there is the greatest amount of new music that surrounds us (much of which is mediocre or worse). Time filters out and forgets the lower quality music and only remembers/preserves and celebrates the best of any given time period. The further back in history you go, the less music is remembered and retained. For instance, in the 12th century, only a small handful of composers are known or remembered. The more important question to be asked is who determines what should or should not be a part of the canon. That is a much more complex question which is more fundamental to answering the question as to what is good and what is bad.

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