• Yes it might.

    I am not exactly sure what neoliberal tax reform refers to. When people use the term neoliberal, it usually means they are coming from an extreme conservative viewpoint and may not have their facts straight. However, in general, Liberal taxing of the rich will help the economy by giving the poor and middle class (most everybody) a chance to thrive.

  • I believe neoliberal tax reform will help the US economy.

    Lets look at the broader picture. Having the tax sector placed in the hands of a bigger sector we will have people in charge of making things go smoothly without bias. So often when we give the control and power to too many people we can see how the opinions of the general population will influence and shape our economy in negative ways.

  • Neoliberal tax would help

    Yeah, I do think that neoliberal tax reform help the US economy. The reason for this is because we would have an increase in tax revenue from the entire country, and the tax system would be a lot more fair. The rich would be paying a higher percentage and the lower and middle classes would benefit.

  • No, only an idiot would suggest otherwise

    There's a reason they're called neoliberals, because the old style liberalism has been tried before and it failed. Miserably. What these neoliberals want is for us to return to a time of abject poverty with a bunch of twitt Romney types letting us eat cake. No thanks, I've read my history books and went to my classes on economics. I'll stick with being a progressive into the future, than being a regressive into the past.

  • Sounds Like A Right Wing Question

    Which means it is probably the wrong question. People should worry less about ideology and more about reality. What worked yesterday does not necessarily mean it will work today. To fix any thing, you have to base it on the problems of today. You can't fix problems when you are you are looking for someone to blame.

  • Keep it like it is

    I think that the tax system that we have in effect today is the US is a great system, and it does not need to be changed in any way. This new reform will not help the economy, and will only cause problems for the people of this here country.

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