• More Than Likely

    I believe Netflix will raise its streaming video prices eventually and I think part of the reasoning will include the recent deal with Comcast. Netflix seems to be in an awkward position where it is constantly dealing with companies that simply have more power than they do. I think they're getting the raw end of the deal and they'll more than likely pass added expenses onto the consumer.

  • Netflix will lose their existing customers

    No, I do not think that Netflix will raise their streaming video prices because of its deal with Comcast. If they decided to do so they would lose a good amount of their existing customers. Customer would not stand for the increase when they have been paying a set amount over some years. They may be able to change the rates on incoming consumers in the future.

  • No, Netflix can't afford to raise the price even with it's deal.

    Companies like Hulu and Amazon are competitors to Netflix, and because Hulu Plus is the same price, Netflix will not raise theirs. If they raise the price, the current subscribers may back out to Hulu, which will make Netflix look like a bunch of fools. This happened once before and Netflix won't let it happen again.

  • They are a large company.

    No, Netflix will not raise streaming video prices because of its deal with Comcast, because Netflix tried raising prices once and it did not work out so well. Comcast is a large company. Comcast can deal with the merger and the increase in services in order to provide the same quality of service for the same price.

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