• Yes, the floods could be worse than Katrina.

    The recent Louisiana flooding could be worse than the flooding caused by Hurricane Katrina. Katrina's biggest impacts were in and around the city of New Orleans. These recent floods, however, have impacted a much large part of Louisiana. When the flood waters run down stream, they will flood lower sections of the state as well. Therefore, this flood has the potential to cause more damage than Katrina's flooding did.

  • Definitely. Katrina was a nautral disaster.

    As heart breaking and as devastating as Katrina was, the current flood situation of south Louisiana is as devastating or worse as Katrina and is entirely man made. I am not referring to the rain event, itself, but to the runoff of the rain being prevented from draining normally due to the way the earth has been comprised. While flooding is/was a real time-recurring event in south Louisiana it now has become an impossibility to overcome.

  • No, the floods in LA are not worst than Katrina

    The Katrina storm occurred in 2005 and was the most costly hurricane in terms of damage done. It spanned several states and over 1200 people died so it was also the most deadly storm in the U.S. history. The current flooding in LA and the damage to Baton Rouge is tragic and is comparable to the hurricane Sandy disaster that hit NJ.

  • No, they will not.

    The flooding in LA during Katrina was caused by much stronger winds and the breaking of the leeves. Although these floods are devestating they are not only less serious in terms of strength but are mostly located in the more rural areas which means that they will effect less people who can evacuate quicker.

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