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  • His campaign is a shambles

    New hires might straighten it out a bit, but it's such a mess I doubt it will turn around. At this point, the GOP looks like it's imploding, Trump looks like a tantrumming toddler, and people are actually considering wasting votes on the green or libertarian parties. The only thing his new hires can do is tell Trump to stop talking.

  • No, Trump is helpless

    The poor individuals working at the Trump Campaign. They must be shaking their heads right now, thinking, "What did I do to deserve this?" The issue of the campaign does not lie at the feet of whomever is running the administrative bits. It lies in the dirty mud at the feet of Donald Trump.

  • He will still lose

    Trump can hire the Pope at this point and he will still lose the presidential race. He is too flawed a candidate to overcome his deficits. At first it was a spectacle that had all of us glued to the tv screen to catch the latest fiasco but it is no longer funny. He is a dangerous, negative demagogue.

  • New Trump hires will not help turn his campaign around

    No, Trump's new hires will not turn his campaign around. Those who support Trump already know of his irreverent and often offensive nature, but they support him despite of these things because they believe in what he stands for. Those who do not support Trump have already made up their minds. A change in staff is too little too late and will not make a difference in the outcome of the upcoming election.

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