• Theresa May, you stupid stupid lady

    There is no valid justification for spying on this level. It is utterly ridiculous and will not aid spying. I have no problem with certain buzz words in google searches or internet sites going to GCHQ. If somebody google searches how to make a bomb they should definitely be investigated by the government, no question. Anybody that googles something like that out of curiosity is an idiot as there is only one practical purpose of knowing how to make a bomb. And the same goes for other obvious illegal searches for stuff relating to drugs and pedophilia.
    In addition to this I firmly state that there is nothing wrong with racial profiling. If a refugee from Mohammad moves to the UK and is known to have links to terrorist cells damn right I want that mans internet history to be recorded. If he finds this unfair he can blame others in his religion for letting him down.
    However monitoring and recording what news sites people use, which solitaire sites pensioners use, which support groups alcoholics and drug addicts use, which sites teenage boys use to research penis enlarging methods etc etc.
    Notice the examples I used are sensitive materials and are things that are obviously private in nature which brings me to my second point. If the governments records are ever hacked such information would be released publicly which would potentially ruin people's lives and careers. Would you want your 5 year old kid being taught by a man with a unusual porn preference. Probably not. And the information probably will get hacked sooner or later, just by hackers wanting to cause chaos, apparently the desire to cause chaos is popular motivation for ethically unsound behavior these days.
    The government having a back door into our history ultimately will allow hackers to get the information in as well. It's like hiding a house key under a door mat, a clever and motivated burglar will find it.

  • Yes, new UK spying laws with hurt citizens.

    Any time that the government gets more power and the citizens get less freedom, the citizens will suffer. These things happen slowly. Spying laws may not result in citizens necessarily being hurt right now, but they are another step in the wrong direction. Citizens must stand up and defend their right to privacy.

  • New UK spying laws is detrimental to the people

    UK spying laws allowing the UK to spy and have access to everything that everyone says and does is going to be harmful to the citizens because in reality it is simply flooding the spies with far too much data, data that won't be able to be processed in a timely manner and because of this spying on mostly harmless citizens, the UK is going to miss out on a larger scale attack or something extreme which, unfortunately, is going to cost many people their lives.

  • I think it will

    I think it will because it is 21 st century, everyone has every right and everyone fights for their rights. Nobody will tolerate to be spyed or controlled. It is an attack on UK people privacy and it should not be tolerated. If i was an UK citizen i would rebel.

  • Yes, the new "Snooper's Charter" laws are a complete violation of privacy, and will hurt UK citizens.

    The new "Snooper's Charter" legislation being implemented in the UK is undoubtedly going to hurt the lives of British citizens. The new legislation is going to increase the power the government has to access private information relating to citizens. These new laws are going to introduce paranoia, chaos and mayhem into the lives of UK citizens. They will not feel safe, and they will constantly feel that they are being watched or listened to.

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