• Sandy was nothing like Katrina

    Sandy was disruptive and did cause some pretty heavy damage, but nothing on a wide scale that Katrina did. Katrina damaged entire communities of homes, roads, sports stadiums, did some damage to office buildings. Sandy caused outages and partial damage to some homes in the area, but compared to Katrina, Sandy didn't do anything. New York is running like normal these days. It's nothing compared to 9/11 either.

  • New York will return to normal

    While there has been severe damage to New York following Hurricane Sandy, it will return to normal. Damage will be repaired, power will be restored. If 9/11 proved anything, it was that the citizens of New York are resilient, and can pull together to support each other through difficult times.

  • No - There will be a major overhaul of infrastructure

    I don't think New York will be the same after Sandy. This storm proved that a large portion of New York City's infrastructure needs a major overhaul. The Holland Tunnel was closed for almost a week, subways, LIRR, MetroNorth, PATH were all flooded and shut down. The people on Staten Island, with only 2 bridges and a ferry as a means of escape, were trapped on what is pretty much a giant landfill. I don't think New York will be the same. Mentally, I think New Yorkers themselves will recover quickly like they always do, but physically the city will undergo changes.

  • Sandy has changed NY

    I don't think NY will ever be the exact same after Hurricane Sandy hit. I don't believe that NY had ever returned its previous state even after 9/11. Sure, people may be able to go back to their normal routines, but areas that have been damaged will never go back to the exact was it was. People will always be scarred by these tragic events.

  • I don't think New York will ever be the same after Sandy

    I think they may do better than New Orleans has post Katrina, and will likely rebuild in time, but I don't think it will ever be quite the same as it was, and surely never will be forgotten. So no I don't think New York will ever be quite the same after Sandy. They may rebuild but won't be like it was before.

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Anonymous says2013-04-07T15:30:46.440
New York City will return, but much better

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