Will Nick Jonas ever gain fame again for anything other than attention-seeking maneuvers?

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  • No, Bad Behavior Will Not Win Back An Audience

    Nick Jonas had his day, but his day is done. Like many
    former teen heartthrobs Nick craves continued public notice. In his case, behavior
    like posting vulgar pictures of himself in his underwear will not win back the
    acclaim he had when he was young and cute. He should go to college or acting
    school, instead of mistaking temporary notoriety for renewed popularity.

  • Nick Jonas will likely not regain fame

    Nick Jonas became famous because he was a member of a group that is no longer in the spotlight. He would have to put out a solo album or start an acting career in order to regain the spotlight on a more permanent basis. Until then, he will have to rely on attention-getting antics, celebrity dating, and really whatever he can get.

  • Yes Nick Jonas will regain fame for his numerous talents

    Nick Jonas is not only a talented singer, but he also is a hardworking business man, works out a lot for his sexy cover shoots, and has many additional musical talents, playing many instruments, writing lyrics, etc. Nick Jonas is also on a successful family reality television show, which was quite entertaining.

  • Nick Jonas? No. Jonas Brothers? No.

    I have a hard time remembering what he was famous for in the first place, much less who he is now. The track record of most teen idols does not instill much confidence in his future career. In the past, we've seen examples of armed robbery, starring in porn and other hijinks befall our teen idols of yesteryear. Nick will be no different.

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