Will North Korea attack South Korea or the United States in the near future?

  • Unless stopped, North Korea is looking for war

    I think North Korea is getting ready to pick a fight. In fact, they've already picked it. Unless the United States launches a warning strike, I think North Korea will continue to push the boundaries until it gets what it wants. However, what they want exactly still is a question I can't find the answer to.

  • Both nations combined will stand together.

    Let's get straight to it - both South Korea and the U.S have been allies since World War 2 ended in 1945. If the US and its other Allies assist South Korea, Communist Korea would be stupid enough as to invade the South. Also, North Korean missiles will get shot down 99.9% of the time - or so we think.

  • Not a smart tacticle decision

    I am in the military. I hear the whisperings and never is it North Korea. We want nothing more than a war with them to crush their forces easily and swiftly as it's hard to fight for a host country you have no intent to stay in. The second NK leaves its borders, half their forces would defect. Everything NK does is just showboating and posturing.

  • North Korea will not attacks South Korea or the United States in the near future

    There is little to no chance that North Korea will attack South Korea for the United States in the near future. To do so what are you sure it's complete and utter destruction. While South Korea is fond of political posturing, its actions are nothing more then schoolyard bullying tactics.

  • North Korea is not a near-term threat

    North Korea is not likely to attack either South Korea or the United States. The country has made a lot of threats, especially in light of increased sanctions. However, if North Korea were to launch an attack, it would face massive casualties from its better armed neighbors and the United States.

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