• It's a distinct possibility.

    Anything is possible this day and age. To assume is a dangerous thing. There were some who believed North Korea was responsible for the Sony hack but no one has proven that theory. Cyber crime is everywhere though so I do not think that it will be centered in one specific place,

  • Yes, North Korea has become a real threat.

    North Korea has become a real threat to the United states and its allies in terms of cyber warfare. They have been investing in hacking and have been behind numerous attempts to hack foreign governments. I believe they feel they cannot win a military conflict or compete in that area but cyber warfare is something that can be taught with relatively low resources.

  • North Korea a mecca for cyber crime

    Somewhat lost in the concerns about North Korea's appalling human rights is the very real threat posed by their Government-sponsored cyber crime and forgery departments. The Cyber crime departments especially are believed to pose a wide spread threat to the rest of the world in such a way that regular security will struggle to negate this problem.

  • North Korea wishes this would happen.

    I think North Korea would absolutely love to become a headquarters for cyber crime. However, I don't think this is going to happen. The country is so isolated that they do not have access to the latest technology. Even their country's website is a joke. They don't have the technology they need to be cyber crime experts.

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