• Kim is immature.

    Kim is immature, probably grew up playing Xbox like all the sick children we have in the U.S. That turned out to be terrorists on our own soil killing innocent victims. Kim's father was crazy; the apple does not fall far from the tree. It is sad and scary to watch the way the whole country of North Korea is one big military melting pot. But we will have to defend ourselves when the time comes and many will lose there lives.

  • North Korea Will Bomb The U.S.

    North Korea is desperate. They have nothing to live for and their economy is in shambles. They want to join the Western World but they also must save face because they cannot accept defeat. Instead, they will drop a token bomb in the U.S. to provoke a war with America. The U.S. would understand that it was a provocation of 'help me' instead of a really act of war but they will play along with it and invade North Korea. The leader of North Korea would be granted asylum in Ecuador and the island of Korea would unite into one country.

  • Maybe probably not

    Well it doesn't matter if they bomb us our not it is still a threat to the United states a we should attack them. We should end it once and for all .. We have to be prepared and we cannot expect as usual that nothing will happen because lives are at risk if this does happen and we should do something about very big threats that have a chance on happening.

  • Yes, they have nothing to loose.

    I believe they have gone in too far to back out now. Kim Jong Un has too large of an ego to hang his head in shame and not carry out at least one of the numerous threats he has made against the US.
    Even if he starts with bombing Japan or South Korea it will end with the US and North Korea being bombed.

  • Korea sounds pretty adamant about bombing the U.S.

    I think that North Korea may actually bomb the U.S. in an attempt to weaken our infrastructure and harm the economy, giving them a strategic advantage to commit even more powerful attacks. I think that they may actually have the capability to launch a long range rocket. Otherwise North Korea's threat is a hell of a bluff..

  • Ignorant Leaders like the one now

    North Korea has a long history of ignorant and intolerant leaders from the get go. Although being an isolationist Nation, the still have the basic hunger for more land as Communists do. Most likely, the will go for South Korea but if they get it, they will hunger for more. This could lead to both WWIII and a missile crisis for Nato and the UN. China being Communist would make a turning point.

  • Yes Guam will be bombed.

    I think the DPRK (North Korea) will bomb the US. Everyone says that North Korea is just faking, and doing nothing but threatening South Korea, Japan, and the USA. But their country is in ruins. They want to be a part of the modern western world, but there just stuck in between the USSR in the 30s and random futuristic technology. There new leader Mr. Kim Jong Un, is extremely incapable of doing anything good for his country. All he is doing right now to the DPRK is starving his citizens building statues of himself trying to get his country blown up, and start a nuclear war, and from what we know he is doing a good job of doing it
    North Korea has nuclear missiles, but there range is only 2,500 miles long. S only South Korea, Japan, and Guam should be worried. The North does not want to bomb places that they call "the homeland" The South and Japan. They want to put a picture of what they can do to the World

  • North Korea Already Won

    The United States will not attack a country with nuclear bombs. North Korea knows this, effectively winning the bluff "war." The damage is done and nuclear proliferation by other countries is the real damage of the saber rattling. Expect to see agressive countries like Syria, Iran, etc... A few years down the road with similar postures.

  • Probably not but one never knows with folks that live in a world of their own imagination

    This prancing and dancing is all for the benefit of internal power control by the current "dear leader". While nothing can prevent a fool from acting out, I would doubt the leadership behind the scenes is infected with the rhetoric it desplays for world consumption. The answer is not yes or no, but simply the odds.

  • The question should be: Will the US bomb North Korea?

    North Korea has never crossed several oceans and countries to attack another nation. In the Korea War, it only defended itself against the American invaders. The real question is whether the US with its tendency to massacre at slight provocation will do so once again? Will it repeat Hiroshima, Nagasaki, Vietnam invasion, Iraq invasion, Afghanistan and Pakistan invasion once again with North Korea? The world fears the US. Its bombs are raging everywhere from Palestine to Yemen to Somalia to Kosovo. North Korea has never attacked any country in 100 years. For the US, hardly 10 years passes without a major invasion.

  • No way Jose, they are bluffing!

    North Korea is bluffing. Kim Jong-Un is just mad because his people are starving and America is not giving them the hundreds of millions of dollars that they do to support many of them. North Korea has threatened America before and nothing has happened. Sure they might bomb us...with a firecracker. In all seriousness, even if North Korea did have nuclear weapons with the capability to transport them to America, they would have no reason to bomb us. First off, America is much stronger than them, and could blow them off the face of the Earth. Secondly, MANY nations, including China, will get angry and involved. No one wants a nuclear conflict, or a WWIII. Everyone would lose. It's just another bluff. North Korea just wants attention, not war. They are economically weak and want all the help they can get. The real question is how long until North Korea's psychopathic government collapses?

  • Well no North Korea shouldn't.

    North Korea isn't going to bomb the U.S. Because if they did your pretty much starting a world war again and it's 2013. This is not time for war and if stuff like that happens what will be left of North Korea and the U.S. ? Also there would be China Canada South Korea and also maybe Russia. It just doesn't seem like 2013 it feels more like the 18/1900s. I'm just making a statement but I thought this stuff has settled down. So that's why I don't think North Korea will launch the bomb.

  • North Korea will not.

    North Korea will not bomb the U.S. because one they don't have the economy to start a war which means they wouldn't have money for food and ammunition. Secondly because their economy cannot support money for nuclear warfare, and third the U.S. will be able to track the "long range missiles" as soon as they are fired because naval land and air force bases can track fired missiles through infrared rays given off by rockets which the government would blow up before they reached land.

  • North Korea will not bomb the US because they don't have the missiles to reach it.

    North Korea does not have the missiles able to launch across the ocean to reach the USA. Plain and simple, also the truth. Also Kim is very immature. It would be sucide for him and most people of North Korea. They may try but they will most likely fail. They may hit Hawaii though....

  • They can't, plain and simple.

    They haven't developed missiles with long enough range to do so. They are at least a few years away from that capability. It would be absolute suicide if they did. China and Russia would not have their back because North Korea offers them nothing. They are really a drain on China more then anything else. The only reason China supports them with aid is because they don't want a collapse of North Korea and surge of refugees.

  • It's never going to happen.

    As a south Korean citizen, I know how North Korea has been acting every time something happens. This time it was because of the training with U.S. They know that it's the end for them if they bomb the U.S. or our country or anywhere. Nobody's really worried here so don't be worried.

  • Maybe if they could, they would.

    North Korea lacks the ability to hit the US with their current missiles and lacks the number of missiles required to make any significant attack. It's much more likely that they're simply bluffing in order to increase their prestige in the world's military stage.

    If they even did attempt something as stupid as nuking South Korea (which is much more likely, although still slim), the entire world would turn on them. North Korea would cease to exist.

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Anonymous says2013-04-08T10:35:10.567
Silly question. North korea is not currently capable of reaching the u.S their maximum missile ranges dont even reach alaska. So the question is invalid.
Anonymous says2013-04-16T14:50:16.300
North Korea Cannot Reach The US We Will Get The After Effects Tho<<<