• It is long tradition.

    Yes, Northern Ireland will always be divided, because the divisions in Northern Ireland go so deep. Because the divisions are premised in different religions and numerous skirmishes, it is highly unlikely that Ireland will ever unify. Without common culture and religion, uniformity and unity will likely only be a pipe dream.

  • Yes Northern Ireland will always be divided.

    I definitely think that Northern Ireland will always be divided. I just do not ever see a time where the country will come together as a people. Some of the issues it has is due to the rule of the English. But another part of the problem is the difference in religion.

  • One would hope not

    Northern Ireland is a lot like the what the south is to the United States. Except, at one time they were run by the IRA. Thankfully that has settled down now. Making Northern Ireland a lot like the south in the US. I know some of Ireland's problems is based on religion and that is a problem for everyone. Religious people just can't get along with non religious people. Fix that, and maybe everyone will get along better.

  • not for long

    no, i think that one day they will join up with the rest of ireland and that it will all be one big country. I think that it is not good to be divided up like it is right now, and that they need to work something out over there.

  • No conclusive evidence

    There is no conclusive evidence that they would always be divided just as none to support such a move. But because nothing last for ever and with time old wounds heal.and coupled with the fact that history has shown us that a very proud country (east and west Germany) reunited

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