Will (not should) Obama be convicted of treason?

Asked by: xhammy
  • Sure he will

    Him illegally bringing down the border, and refusing to fight ISIS, the president will surly be convicted of treason. He undermines our allies and is causing trouble. He is clearly by his actions anti american and would rather be with ISIS and illegals than Americans. The man is a problem.

  • Imabench, your point is invalid

    You have just proved how left-wing you are. I mean seriously. Obama has pretty much made the constitution a door mat for immigrants that are not supposed to be in our country. And then theres ISIS. He doesn't always authorize drone strikes on children, but when he does, he wears his Nobel Peace Prize.

  • YES! HE WILL! (Hopefully)

    He says things that he will do and never does it or makes the situation worse, he is sending american jobs over sea's, and is letting immigrants come into the country and is giving them free health care, guess who has to pay for that, the people that work and pay taxes, he is basically saying if you are an american you don't deserve to live here, you are suppose to work to support people you don't even know by force. Another reason is because Americans can't even get hired at a job without the company or the boss being fined thousands of dollars because they hired a legal american instead of an immigrant.

  • Well xhammy is retarded.

    The fact that he thinks that Obama will be put on trial for treason and refuses to even entertain the idea that such a thing wont happen more then concludes how stupidly right-wing he is. Obama will not be convicted of treason, nor should he be put on trial in the first place. Its already close to the end of his term and nobody has anything to gain by trying to impeach him.

  • There is a difference between stretchy and illegal

    No one has any actual laws being broken. Is he fairly useless? Yes, that argument can be pretty easily made. Has he lied? Yes. But if lying is your grounds for treason, you better be ready to charge every politician in the nation.
    Opening the borders is not illegal. Do I agree with his choice? No. Still not illegal. Still not treason.
    Not going to war is not illegal and not treason. Do I agree? No. But my mindset is not a legal precedent.
    Benghazi did not actually violate any laws. The general's explanation of why and how it happened is very logical. Just look it up. Embassy staff know their risks, sadly, and this time those risks became reality. However, if you ignore the 50+ people who died under Bush and only cause about Benghazi, you probably don't care about laws anyway. Do I think what he did was anywhere near right? Hell, no. Still not illegal. Still not grounds to charge treason (really, they would have already if it was.).

    We have been bombing ISIS consistently. He wants no boots on the ground. Do I think that is smart? Again, no. Not illegal. And not treason.

    He traded important terrorists for one soldier, which ended up being a bad trade. Illegal? No. Treason? No.

    Please understand the true meanings of treason and illegal before trying to make an argument. Otherwise, it's just really sad to watch people misuse their arguments. Just because you do not agree does not magically make illegal or treason- that is just how it is. It's how the American system works- and people seem to have forgotten how that works. The people voted him in- twice. He will be out soon and we get to try again. Hopefully, this time, we get someone better who can dig us out of this whole we have been in since 2001. That would be nice.

  • Not even possible

    It is not really possible for Obama to be convicted of treason, or even to be impeached and thrown out of office. Xhammy has said that he will get convicted because he isn't fighting ISIS... He tried to declare war on them a while ago.
    Obama has done some sketchy things but nothing worthy of treason

  • NO. Just Won't Happen.

    Obama is not going to be convicted of treason, because there is nothing on him, unless some groundbreaking and condemning evidence is brought against him. He has already launched drone strikes against ISIS, America's international relations were already horrendous before he took office, and social issues such as immigration always hit the forefront during Democrat controlled periods. Even if he was guilty of something, you only have about 1.5 more years on his term, which would barely be enough time for a thorough investigation. By the time it is all said and done, you would have candidates lined up already.

  • Treason isn't just being unpopular.

    Currently, President Obama is unpopular, yes, but being unpopular doesn't make you treasonous.
    And I do believe that he's trying to help his country, just maybe not in the right things or right way(s)?

    Also, people voted for him for a reason.

    [to fill in the word requirement rule, sorry]

  • He shouldn't be convicted

    If he is going to be convicted of treason George bush should have been put to death. If that is your reasoning than every president in the history of America including FDR and Abraham Lincoln should be in prison. If you think Obama is bad than you must not be watching the news or going outside. My final point is that the country is doing well and is becoming great. One more thing I have to say though is that we are a country of immigrants and we only exist because of immigrants so before you insult him on his immigration policy just think that once your family immigrated to the US and that's the only reason you are hear writing your comments against a man who wants the people who work hard and that love America yo stay. Think about that

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