• Nuclear FUSION is the green version of Nuclear Fission!

    Look, Nuclear Fusion is the best thing since sliced bread. Nuclear fusion has an unlimited energy source, very similar to that in stars. The creation is by Fusing hydrogen isotopes. The benefits are amazing, creating energy almost double the amount it cost, along with less radiation being made than what your Television would make. I don't see many negatives minus it will take a long time to be able to reap the immediate benefits.

  • Nuclear fusion is the next big step in reaching our energy needs.

    Nuclear fusion has been long sought after by scientist who hope discover the means to an abundant energy source. Recent developments made by researchers of nuclear fusion have been very promising. I believe they are very close to figuring out how to harness the power of nuclear fusion. When they do, it will definitely replace nuclear fission power plants.

  • In the long term

    It will replace nuclear plants in the very long term but, in the scientific community, the old joke is that nuclear fusion technology is only 50 years away - implying that its far more complicated than people make it out to be, while we have working fission plants right now.

  • Yes, fusion will replace fission.

    Man, including myself, didn't think that nuclear fusion would ever happen, or that it was even possible. But with all the recent breakthroughs of late, it seems like it is, in fact, going to happen in the near future. This will be a very exciting day, and I'm looking forward to it.

  • Yes, it will

    Abundant material cost effective, efficient, lots of energy, less risk, will show more progress and will probably help us colonize and make us powerful. Less risk of fighting over energy, third world countries have access to energy and lots of it.Less environmental risk and damage to the environment. Good idea

  • It is not as efficient.

    No, nuclear fusion will not someday replace nuclear fission in power plants, because nuclear fusion is just not as energy efficient as fission is. Nuclear fission is already so productive and so capable, with very little risk, it is hard to imagine topping it in the nuclear energy arena. We will likely move to a blend of nuclear fission and green energy.

  • It's Impossible To Know

    In the immediate foreseeable future nuclear fusion will not be replacing nuclear fission in power plants because scientists have yet to produce more energy via nuclear fusion than what was put in to create energy. It is unclear if is possible for nuclear fusion to be viable energy source at this time, but experiments continue.

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