Will nuclear power ever be safe enough to trust as fully as other sources of energy?

  • When Used Responsibly

    I believe nuclear power can be safe enough to trust as fully as other energy resources, humankind just has to use it and follow proper rules and guidelines to use it safely. When nuclear plants are built in places they shouldn't be, like Fukushima, humanity pays the price. When warning signs aren't handle with the proper procedure, like Chernobyl, humanity pays the price. We have to keep these things in mind when expanding nuclear power so we don't repeat the same mistakes.

  • The death penalty is justified

    The death penalty is a sure way for families to find justice and comfort in knowing their family member who was the victim of the criminal being given the death penalty to find peace. For the victim it is honest and sure way of justice so that the criminal can fidn the same fate they allowed their victim to have and suffer.

  • No, leaks just keep happening

    Another leak has been discovered at the Fukushima plant, and
    now a leak has been discovered in a low level waste storage facility in New
    Mexico. The public is assured that the leak is harmless and inconsequential,
    but unfortunately it is unsafe right now for any workers to try to inspect or
    repair it. Incidents like these occur with disquieting frequency. They make it
    obvious that the world should practice conservation rigorously, while it moves
    toward safe renewable sources of energy.

  • Not safe and not desirable.

    Nuclear power will never be safe enough to trust as fully as other sources of energy. This is because when it was created it was desired by governments because the energy could not be destroyed. Now that it cannot be destroyed and we have passed many generations with different ideas, all we want to do is wish it didn't exist. This is because it isn't really safe.

  • No, nuclear power plants will always have concerns over leaked radiation.

    I don't think nuclear power will ever be as safe as coal or hydroelectric power. There are so many variables with nuclear power and any accidents or system failures will be far more dangerous than they would be with any other energy source. We will never be a hundred percent comfortable with any power source that is capable of leaking radiation.

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