• Nuclear War in the Future is Highly Probable

    When you said "Nuclear War" I went ahead and assumed that you were talking about any sort of conflict using nuclear weaponry. Since the first nuclear weapons were made in the early forties, Countries such as Russia, the USA and the United Kingdom have been stockpiling them by the hundreds. With all these weapons existing, not to mention that a good portion of them are owned by somewhat unstable countries such as Iran and North Korea, it is likely that we will see an aggressive strike sometime in the future. Keeping this in mind, we must not forget all the terrorist groups which are possibly able to detonate nuclear weapons or "dirty bombs" across the world. To conclude, I say that the mass stockpiles of nukes kept by many countries around the world, along with all the unrest lately in the far east. It is highly probable that sometime in the future we may experience a nuclear war.

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