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  • There will never be peace.

    No, Obama will not achieve peace in the Middle East, because he has alienated our allies while emboldening our adversaries. Obama is sort of trying to appease the bully on the playground. By backing down from them, Obama is giving them the go ahead to perpetuate more violence. Peace through strength is a much better policy.

  • This is impossible.

    There is no way a President of a different country can create peace in the Middle East region. The only way to create stability in the region is to support when necessary and let the people themselves rise up and take over their bad governments. We should just lead by example.

  • Obama Won't Make Peace Throughout Middle East

    Peace in the Middle East is a noble goal, but the region is nowhere close to being peaceful. President Obama won't make the region a peaceful one, and perhaps no future president will be able to achieve that goal. Unfortunately, peace is a highly unlikely result in that region for the years to come.

  • There hasn't been in years

    There hasn't been peace in the Middle East for...its entire history. Of course, there was no peace for the vast majority of history everywhere, so that puts things into context. While the West has liberalized, and the East is rapidly moving towards the same, the rest of the world has just begun to make the move, least of all the Middle East.

  • No I do not think so.

    Obama will not achieve peace in the Middle East. I think he is not a very good leader and is not very respectful of others and does not always know how to behave properly. He needs to learn to act more like an adult and less like a child to make difference.

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