Will Obama ban home cooked food and force everyone to eat McDonald's?

Asked by: Adam2
  • He's not that stupid

    Obama might not be the brightest President, but come on, he's not that stupid. Why would any President do such a thing? Banning healthy and economical homemade food and forcing the whole population of the country to eat junk food? This would cause a revolution. Many people like eating at McDonalds, but many more understand the dangers of such foods and will not do it, period, even if ordered by the government.

  • This is ridiculous.

    Seriously- bar none one of the most incredibly stupid questions I've ever seen posed here. I don't know what nonsensical world this poster lives in, but it isn't reality.

    A person liking a fast food establishment doesn't mean that person will try to ban home cooking- what sort of dimwitted person actually believes this nonsense? This has to be trolling.

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TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:33:38.533

: Official Warning for Incorrect Conduct :

Offense: spamming obviously stupid questions just to increase his question count.

Please, do not abuse the already crippled opinions section of DDO for any matters that don't apply to it.

Refrain from posting any of the following: inside jokes, asking for personal advice/complaints, advertisements or competition of media.

Inside jokes can be left inside.

Personal advice/complaints should be posted in the section of Forums labeled "Personal", where you will most likely find someone who cares and will respond to you to make you feel better about yourself.

Advertisements can and should be left to places besides DDO.

Competition of any media, including but not limited to: musical artists, movies or actors, may be taken up at the polls section in a face off.

Thank you for participating in DDO, but please use each section correctly to maximize everyone's DDO experience.

: End Official Warning :

Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:34:38.733
Hey Airmax only warned me for language. Nice try though.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:39:31.457
I'm not Airmax.

I'm TheOncomingStorm.

Your question is obviously either to troll, just for the purpose of racking up the numbers of your opinions questions/arguments, or both. Either that or you're actually as stupid as you sounded when you made this question and argument underneath.

Nice try though.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:40:01.720
Your mother
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:42:58.447
Excuse me for being right.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:43:34.687
You're the one being a disrespectful snot
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:45:07.517
Respect is earned. The way I've seen you use this website is not the way you earn respect.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:45:32.447
I don't have to respect you either.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:45:46.423
If I wanted to curse your mother out and call her a --ore I could.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:46:03.537
Same with you, you disrespect me, I disrespect you
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:46:27.543
Anglo-Saxon boy
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:50:06.887
If you're using the argument that you could've said worse, you're kind of failing at using it considering I could have called you a lot of things that I refuse to say. My purpose is not to level attacks. I'm here to plead with you to either use this site correctly or leave permanently.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:51:38.817
Just cause you don't like the controversial subjects I say, doesn't mean I'm not using it correctly. Take it or leave it, buddy.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:52:08.783
This ain't Sodahead, where your dream of KKK/Viking domination comes alive. This is debate.Org. No one will listen to you, so you can kiss my butt.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:52:35.240
You're not gonna have me banned because you don't like my opinion. What you are gonna do is take your mouth and kiss my a-s with it.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T16:56:11.837
Do you know what you're saying or are you just slamming your face on your keyboard and hoping you get something sensible out of it? This isn't a controversial topic (Seinfeld isn't either), and if this opinion argument is your actual opinion I think it would be best if you started making an attempt at gaining some form of knowledge or intelligence.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:57:58.567
This ain't Sodahead, so deal with it.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:58:33.403
See if you popped this nonsense on Sodahead, you might get somewhere, since it's a delegation of Klansmen. But this ain't Sodahead, so go home, cry to your mommy, and STFU.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T16:58:40.503
Typical Anglo-Saxons.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:03:05.547
I'm a second generation Panamanian, try again.

So you would perpetuate your stupidity on this website for what? Personal gain? Do you have something to gain by spamming a website with unintelligent ramblings?
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:03:46.513
You sure act like an arrogant English person.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:04:01.783
Or shall I say Anglo (to avoid confusion with the English).
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:11:50.967
I act like someone who has respect for this website. Something you clearly do not care about. Regardless of how I behave, I am not an Anglo-Saxon. However, I'm not sure why it's relevant seeing as stereotyping is a logical fallacy (I break stereotypes). You mistake my intentions. You could probably be a benefit to the DDO community if you actually tried to post something that was sensible. This is not an example of that.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:13:28.043
Perhaps you haven't seen all my stuff. Or maybe you're just some bigot
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:16:04.900
I've only seen what you've posted in the past few days. I've seen you post a ton of Seinfeld questions that would best be suited for a face off in the polls, and I've seen you on imabench's Weekly Stupid episodes a few times. These are the most recent offenses, and if you wish to prove that you were a productive member, you may start by stopping the nonsense.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:17:19.983
See you're just a bigot. If you believe that video, then I say [expletive] you. I don't show the poster of that video any respect whatsoever. If you're taking what you know from that video, then you're an [expletive]hole.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:17:45.677
You get your information from that video? That proves that surely I am better than you.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:25:24.403
Ah, well you took the bait. What else did I say? I said I saw bits from you on that vide. I also said to this day I have never seen you post anything sensible, especially including the recent opinions questions you've made, but I also pull from every comment I've seen you make. Not to mention that last forum topic you put on the Debate.Org section was ridiculous.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:26:25.237
If I could I'd report those videos to Youtube to destroy whoever posted it.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:26:42.823
I'm not such a weak wimp like you believe. If I could destroy the poster of the video I would.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:30:32.433
"If I could I would." That's strength right there.

Well, now that you're caught on the weekly stupid videos, and that is not my alley of discussion. If you have any reason I should believe that you posted this all in the search for truth or intelligence please let me know.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:31:16.503
One of the points there he made was slander
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:31:52.957
What are you talking about?
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:33:11.197
The claim that I said that slavery was caused by lack of sunscreen.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:33:23.810
I clarified with people that it wasn't true, yet the slander continues.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:33:40.337
Besides, I'm banned from talking about him cause we discuss this matter on private email
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:34:20.367
I got into a fight and was nasty with him and Airmax ended it and said that if I ended being nasty, the user would stop insulting me.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:34:34.947
We're banned from talking about each other.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:36:33.580
I was talking about this Opinions Questions. Not the Weekly Stupid.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:37:07.787
Well you brought up the Weekly stupid and I did was clarify. I'm sorry I called you those names.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:37:18.877
But I should have discussed it in a private IM.
TheOncomingStorm says2013-12-09T17:47:32.160
Thank you for the apology although I was not offended. I was most likely harsh as well with constantly calling you stupid, but I don't mind where it is that we take up this discussion. Questions like these just annoy me because they serve no purpose.
Adam2 says2013-12-09T17:48:34.793
Yeah I don't think it would be wise bringing up the Weekly Stupid to me here, at least not in public. We both got banned from talking to each other, cause I was so bad to that user (I won't mention his name), that Airmax told me no more. So I can't
Romanii says2013-12-09T17:50:20.467
Adam2: Stop trolling. It's not funny. At all. We come on this site to learn and express our opinions. Not listen to your garbage.