• Obama Will Prevent the Fiscal Cliff

    Barack Obama has implemented dozens of policies to prevent the fiscal cliff. He will prevent taxes from being raised on the middle class. He will create more stimulus to boost the economy. He will mirror the actions of FDR, creating job programs and making policies that help people get back to work. Obama will focus on the middle class, and that is the heart of this economy.

  • Yes, Obama can absolutely prevent fiscal cliff as he has promised.

    It will not be an easy chore reaching across party lines to make a new tax package work, but Obama has vouched to do what's best for our country to reverse the Bush tax fiasco of the 80's. He will veto any fiscal cliff package that comes across his desk that lengthens Bush's tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans and will refuse to accept any package that only includes reduction in defense cuts. The Republicans want an outcome of their own and are not going to budge easily. Obama has a chore ahead of him especially after Boehner's (Speaker of the House) confrontational "no new tax" comment he made saying he will not change a thing. After all is said and done, knowing that fiscal cliff will bring our country into a deep recession, I believe that Obama and bi-partisan politics will go to work for the greater good of the United States of America.

  • Yes

    Obama will be able to prevent a fiscal cliff. He will do that by keeping up with his policies. He is trying to get the country of the United States out of debt by raising taxes on the people who have more than enough money. He is not going to put the american people in debt by taxing people who don't have much money.

  • Needs to Work on Fiscal Cliff ASAP

    A combination of expiring tax breaks plus budget cuts goes into effect Jan. 1. President Obama needs to start working with Congress immediately to rectify the coming "fiscal cliff" of financial problems facing the overburdened federal government. The solution is complicated--how can Congress cut the budget, and hence public jobs, without creating a second recession? Obama can do it because he is dedicated to his job and has an entire staff around him with expertise.

  • He just moved us back a bit...

    Obama doesn't understand economics, of course he won't be ale to fix the cliff. The cliff is still here, we're just not leaning 2/3 over the ledge now. What most people don't understand is that their is a difference in which Obama's tax policies affect. You see, there are actually two kinds of rich in America. 1. The Income Rich, and 2.The Affluent Rich. Despite both being rich, they are completely different in theory.

    1.The Income Rich. The income rich are usually small business owners. These people provide the most job growth in the US to date, but these are the people being taxed. In a sense, these people are being punished for achieving the American dream.

    2. The Affluent Rich. These are the people that most would claim as "filthily rich". These people would includes the likes of Beyonce, Jay Z, Matt Damon, and other Hollywood actors and actresses, these few being the most blatant examples. These people are not being taxed, these people can continue living their lavish lifestyles, while others support them and want to impose taxes upon the working class. And after all, what's it to them to lose a few thousand? They're billionaires.....

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