• Yes, He Will Do the Right Thing

    Yes, Obama will be brave on immigration because he will have to be. Immigration is a topic that the American people want addressed immediately. The debate over immigration and what to do about it is reaching epidemic proportions – everyone has an opinion on it and it is not going to go away. The sad part about the immigration issue is that its focus is on a specific group of people who do not deserve the negative attention they are getting based solely on their ethnicity.

  • Yes, in his second term.

    Now that he has been reelected and now that the GOP sees that they are at a strong disadvantage with minority voters from the Latino community, I think Obama will be able to stand his ground and fight for some kind of reform. He should be able to garner at least a few concessions.

  • Yes, Obama Will be Brave

    The way this question is phrased allows for a difference in interpretation. Will he be brave and crack down on immigration? Or will he be brave, and make for immigration allowances that will surely earn him criticism from the Republican party? I am interpreting this in the latter sense. I think that he understands that this country was built on immigration, and that we need to remember that when considering immigration law. I think that he will, at the same time, be careful to make distinctions between immigration, and illegal immigration. I don’t doubt that he will prove a stern leader when it comes to individuals in this country breaking the law.

  • He will give in to special interests and support amnesty

    Mass open immigration has been disastrous for average Americans who have had to endure increased job competition, lower wages, strained social benefits, increased crime, etc, but it is great for large corporations who desire cheap labor and for the Democratic Party who sees immigrants as easy voters. Obama will be just as cowardly as past politicians put the interests of his political party, special interests, and corporations over the wishes and needs of average Americans.

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