• In the future, President Obama will be considered to have two successful terms in office

    President Obama will no doubt be considered successful in the future. Now, future is an ambiguous term and will depend on the next president in office, and if they revoke many of his acts. President Obama got Americans universalized healthcare, made stricter gun control laws, and was responsible for the killing of Osama bin Laden. Overall, I think that President Obama was successful in his two terms in office.

  • Yes, Obama will be considered a successful president.

    President Obama accomplished a fair amount during his presidency. He accomplished health care reform in the face of major opposition. He also brought the country out of the great recession. He has also played a part in changing the United States' global reputation. A lot of people argue that Obama hasn't really changed much, but considering the opposition Congress, he accomplished a great deal during his two terms.

  • Obama Will Be Called a Successful President

    While Obama's presidency has seen scandals and horrendous occurrences of violence all over the world, the way the executive branch has handled the ever-changing world is impressive. President Obama has improved international relations with countries that have previously been ignored by the United States, like Russia and Cuba. He has also improved the economy, created more jobs, and ensured that the working class has access to education and healthcare.

  • President Obama will be regarded as a successful President.

    President Obama will be regarded as a successful President, because of several key successes during his two terms: he managed to get the economy back on track and to get employment growing again. The trend for employment is increasing, and unemployment has been on a downward trend for several years now. The US now has better relations with with Iran and Cuba, long-time enemies of America, and the relationships significant powers around the world, such as Russia, India, and China is maturing. The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, Osama Bin Laden, is now dead and has been dead for nearly 5 years now; and the influences of Al Queda and ISIS is waning, now that Middle Easterners realize there's more hopeful alternatives to these organizations. The threat of global warming is now being answered, thanks to actions taken by this Administration, and by its willingness to engage the world on this challenging issue.

    Furthermore, a Democrat is well positioned to be elected President in the next election, later this year.

    I don't see how anyone can claim he's had an unsuccessful Presidency, in light of all the stiff opposition he's faced.

  • Overall he will be

    There's a lot of bashing on him which is not justified. Remember we have a republican held house and they have admitted that they would stymie any thing he proposed, simply because he's a Democrat. With what he inherited from the Bush administration he did well in getting the economy back on tract. Could he have done more? That can be asked of any president, but in the non-partisan political climate that exist, with all the special interest money being thrown around, I believe he did well considering all.

  • No, because he didn't follow through.

    Obama is an excellent and charismatic speaker. If he were as good a president as he is a speaker, he would have likely been one of the best presidents in history. Unfortunately, he will likely be remembered as one that made empty promises and then failed to deliver results. He promised Obamacare would lower the cost of healthcare for the low and middle income people, but we've only seen it rise. By 150% this year in my case (and I could be considered low income). He promised to keep our country safe, but we've seen the terrifying rise of ISIS, and the bombing of Paris. He's certainly had his bright spots, but overall, these are vastly overshadowed by the lack of (good) results.

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