• Obama Will Fuel Both Sides

    There might not be much legislation traveling down Pennsylvania Avenue for President Obama to sign, but there's plenty of back and forth over the president's use of executive power to act when Congress doesn't.
    Week's end found Obama dismissing a lawsuit threatened by Speaker John Boehner, who alleges the president is violating the Constitution by exercising this often controversial power.

  • No, Obama will not be sued.

    As per procedure, being a taxpayer and an American citizen, you cannot sue the president which, in this case is Obama for anything and everything he does while in office because if that were allowed, presidents would be getting sued by the minute and would have to deal with courts day after day. Due to this, no, Obama will not be sued however, as a citizen, if he breaks a law, he may be sued for that.

  • No, I don't believe he will.

    Even though I think the republicans are really upset about his decision to take executive action and I believe they are being baited by the president and no, I don't believe they will end up suing him. When they shut down the government many people ended up hating the party and right before an election, I think they know this would be a terrible idea.

  • No President Obama will not be sued.

    The main reason that President Obama will not be sued is that the Speaker of House, John Boehner, does not have legal standing to sue ANY sitting President. Speaker Boehner is using the threat of legal action as a publicity stunt. It is pure grandstanding, something the GOP has been doing a lot of since President Obama was relected.

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