Will Obama figure out how to compromise with Republicans?

  • Yes Obama will find a way to compromise with the Republicans

    At the end of the day, I view Republicans and Democrats as two sides of the very same coin, a coin that is used to screw us over in the end. They all act like they're so far apart on issues or so different, but when it comes down to it, on the things that matter, such as the NDAA which both Obama and Romney were in support of, they are totally in agreement. So I think Obama will surely "compromise" with the Republican Party, because they really have the same goals for the country in the grand scheme anyway.

  • YES he will

    Obama will learn how to compromise with the Republicans in the House. He is a man who knows how to get things done so they benefit the people. Just like in Hurricane Sandy, when he went to New Jersey, he worked diligently with a Republican governor to figure out exactly how he could rescue the victims and get them back to shelter.

  • Dems Won the National Election, GOP Should Take Notice

    President Obama won a second term. That was no small feat considering the economy. It's time to get stuff done in Washington over the next four years. Americans need jobs and relief now more than ever. Both sides have to reach across the aisle, but Obama must remind Republicans that half of America voted for a Democratic president in 2012. He needs to soften stances on some issues yet stick to his guns on others. Republicans should be the scared ones now that the economy wasn't enough to sweep Mitt Romney into office.

  • No, there won't be a compromise

    Why? Because politicians refuse to compromise. Even when it's in the best interest of the people. Why? Because politics isn't about helping the general populace. It's one beg pissing match between the two parties and guess who gets showered in the middle...Us. It's all about old men trying to further the agenda of their respective political parties, they don't give a damn about you, me, the children, the environment, the whales, whatever they claim they're fighting for. Politics is a disgusting profession where money buys loyalty. Except I respect mercenaries and prostitutes more because they're up front about it.

  • He doesn't see a reason to compromise

    He has no reason to compromise- Winning is important to him, not the state of our country or the will of the people, or the constitution. He is a puppet dancing to the strings of his masters- if we could figure out who they are, then maybe we would have a chance.

  • He will not.

    Obama will not figure out how to compromise with Republicans. He only cares about his democratic views and will only follow those and it is sad. Today the country is more split down the middle between democrats and republicans then it has ever been. The country has become a completely 2 party country and their views are completely different and neither side is willing to compromise to meet the other.

  • No, Obama will not figure out how to compromise with Republicans.

    As it stands, Obama has not figured out how to compromise with the Republicans, and he has had four years to do it. Someone recently voiced that Obama was able to compromise with Chris Christie during Hurricane Sandy. I live in the Northeast, and all of that "compromise" was for the media. The issues that we faced four years ago, when Obama promised change, have not, in fact, changed.

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