• Obama will definitely give a good farewell speech

    Obama is famous for his top-quality speeches. He manages to blend humor with dignity and getting the message across. He will have saved some good stuff for the farewell speech so I have no doubt it will be good. It's a shame it will probably contain a message or two about Trump because that may sour it a little bit.

  • Yes, I think Obama will give a good farewell speach.

    I believe that Obama accomplished a lot and he is going out with high approval ratings, while Trump is fighting with, well everyone, even before he hits the Oval Office. I hope Obama will leave us with words of comfort and ways to cope with what Trump is likely to do with his legacy.

  • Yes, Obama will give a good speech.

    I believe that Obama will give an excellent speech. Many people will be very sad to see him step down from his position as president of the USA, and so he will have prepared a moving speech that everyone will love. The country and the world will be very sad to see him go.

  • Yes, he is a great speaker.

    His public speaking ability was the main thing that helped him win the presidency. His speech at the Democratic National Convention in 2004 put him on the map, and he soon began to be mentioned as a possible Democratic nominee. He has remained calm and diplomatic throughout all of the criticism and attacks from Republicans throughout his presidency, and now through the most recent election. He will find a way to give Americans hope in his farewell speech.

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