• Considering he's come out in favor of them...

    When it comes to the great debates over the past few years in Wisconsin, Chicago and anywhere that there may have been a concern for the unions of public workers and in the debates of 2012, Obama has supported those workers who have been supported by Unions. It will not be a surprise in the next four years if he works to bring rights to the Unions and to the people who work in Public service like Teachers.

  • His Track Record Isn't Good

    When the teachers and union members of Wisconsin were facing legislation that would affect them dramatically, Obama was nowhere to be found. On the campaign trails, he often caters to unions and uses pro-union rhetoric in his speeches, but when has he actually gone out and marched beside them or enacted any legislation that would help them. I doubt Obama will make any positive strides for the labor movement.

  • This Obama supporter thinks not.

    I do not think that Obama will help unions. While I believe that Obama believes in the same causes as unions, I don't think there's anything in his past administration that would lead one to believe that he will be an effective supporter of unions in this current term. Unlike those who like to paint him as a socialist, he seems to have a "hands-off" policy when it comes to the nitty gritty of such social issues.

  • No, he will indirectly be bad for them

    Although Obama has spoken out in favor of union members, his economic policies will do them a disservice in the long run. The amount that he demonizes business owners, along with his horrible economics, will contribute to probably a lot of these union workers ending up unemployed. If you look at the facts, it's the blue-collar workers that get hit hardest by unemployment, not people who hold B.S. degrees and higher.

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