Will Obama let the oppression of Palestinians continue?

  • Just Like the Chagossians

    He won't even try to let the Chagossians back to their homeland when Britain has clearly indicated that it is only the objection of the US military that has been in the way over the years. And Wiki-leaks revealed that the marine preserve was established to prevent it from being economically feasible to move back by banning fishing in spite of US military at Diego Garcia (the main island and the base). Lots of shady politics around that he could call Congress out on for not passing a bill to allow them back if he called for it.
    So with how the US treats people with its own foreign policy what are we to expect with standing up to the oppression in Palestine?

  • Yes, this country wants to support Israel.

    Both sides of the conflict, Israeli and Palestinian, claim that the other is responsible for the death and damage that has happened overseas. Obama is just another president that wants the conflict to stop, but will support Israel like we have in the past. Obama is not to blame however, as this war started before he was even born.

  • Obama will let the oppression of Palestinians continue.

    President Obama has repeatedly insisted on maintaining the status quo with respect to Israel and Palestinian statehood. He continues to support the renewal of US aid in budget allocations even when Israel does not need it. Also, his protestations against Israel's continued expansion of settlements in Gaza have been extremely weak. In addition, the US did not vote in support of Palestine's new status in the UN.

  • Obama is 100 percent behind Israel in all things.

    Obama, like most presidents before him, has been 100% behind Israel in all things, even if discretion and reason said to be neutral or to oppose Israel's policies. As long as Israel opposes the Palestinians forming their own state, Obama will stay lockstep with Israel against the Palestinian people's rights.

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raquelhs says2016-05-03T21:03:36.137
This question is already biased and ridiculous. If you think that Obama supports Israel though, you are plain stupid and blind.