Will Obama press the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage?

  • Obama will do whatever he thinks will keep his approval rating up.

    That being said, he will press the supreme court on this issue because most of his support comes from those who also support same sex marriage. Obama is a people pleaser. He does what he thinks people want, not, necessarily what is best for them. This is a problem for our nation.

  • Obama believes that same sex marriage is not wrong, so he will eventually press the Supreme Court on gay marriage.

    Yes, I believe he will. I believe he wants to do it already. I believe the only reason he has not done it yet is because of all the pressure that will be on him. Other than that, of course he wants the votes from anyone he can get them from. Also according to him, same-sex marriage is not wrong so he definitely will press the Supreme Court eventually.

  • Yes, Obama will press the Supreme Court on same-sex marriage. It is my belief that Obama wants to make a big change.

    Barack Obama is running out of time as our president and before he leaves office he will want to make a change to this country that will remain for years. Obama has already stated in his speeches that homosexuals and members of the LGBT community should be treated as equals under the law. For some reason, that I do not understand, people oppose giving equal rights to homosexuals but thankfully Obama is not one of them.

  • Doesn't need to

    The Supreme Court has already decided to look into same-sex marriage this year, there's no purpose in Obama pushing them to. He may try to bend their ear but it's pretty clear where he (and a large majority of the country) stand so it won't accomplish much. Scary putting it in their hands but they've pleasantly surprised us before.

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