• He will not allow the will of the people or the constitutionality of his actions to stand in the way of his agenda.

    He will use it to avoid facing the elected representatives of the people, and to try to enforce registration and confiscation of firearms legally owned by the people. He could name those unwilling to give up their rights as potential terrorists, and use the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA to have them incarcerated without due process if they refuse to bow to his will.

  • Yes, Obama will use executive action on gun control

    President Obama will have no choice but to use his office to enact gun legislation. He has shown in the past that he does not sit idly by when congress refuses to act. He has used his office to sway and force congress in the past, regarding firearm laws, this time will be no different.

  • He sure will!

    I believe that Obama will take action on gun control sooner than we think. These mass shootings have happened too many times during his stay in office and its sad that it's taken this long and a heartbreaking massacre of children for him to finally step up. He has already stated that he will do whatever he can to change things involving gun control.

  • No

    No I do not think President Obama will use executive action when it comes to gun control. I do not think he will have to. I know that congress hasn't agreed on much lately, but the majority seems to agree that there needs to be more gun control. So, I do not think he will have to, Congress will vote in favor of it first.

  • No, he might be willing but I don't think he will have to.

    I don't think Obama gets credit for the moral stamina that he has, nor the power of influence he has when he speaks what seem like simple truths. It's only necessary to keep the public debate alive, and he is very capable of doing that. Although he has shown himself to be willing to go around opposition in whatever legal ways he can, I think this time the public has had it with gun deaths. If I am wrong about this, then I hope he does use his executive powers in whatever way he can. I believe he would if he had to.

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