• Yes, it will.

    Obamacare will cause corporate downsizing, as it should. These medical insurance corporations have gotten out of control with bottom lines that are insane. That sort of money should not be able to be made off of a person's health. I actually love Obamacare for this sort of effect that it will have.

  • Doctor, I Need A Job

    5. When it was announced that job losses would inevitably occur because of Obamacare's forcing of companies to offer 'affordable' health-care insurance to its employees, it was understood by anyone reading a related article or hearing it from a neighbor that this means corporate downsizing. When jobs are lost in a market that means cuts were made somewhere and it is usually in the lower tiers where ‘expendable’ employees are minimized and those that are left behind have their workload increased. However, as more corporations are being forced to offer those same packages to higher tier employees, it is only natural to see the same effect; some higher tier employees will be cut (usually those without much tenure or so much that the company might be inclined to pay them retirement) and the burden of workload will be divided unequally among the remaining employees in that tier. Like any system in the concrete jungle or natural realm, the business and marketing worlds are cyclic and have a direct ‘cause and effect’ system in place. What happens to one part of a tiered structure must logically happen to the rest or it will inevitably crumble.

  • Not in the end

    Initially it may cause corporate downsizing or making full time employees part time employees, but overall in the long run it will not limit job growth. In Massachusetts they had health care like this and it didn't significantly effect corporation's ability to keep and retain their own employees due to insufficient funds.

  • No, Obamacare will not cause corporate downsizing.

    No, I do not believe Obamacare will cause corporate downsizing. I believe it will force companies to employ more part time employees to avoid having to pay into health insurance. The Obamacare mandates will cause corporations to be creative in restructuring work time management to avoid excessive costs in benefits.

  • That's not even a remote possiblity.

    There is no danger of downsizing happening from Obamacare. Corporations that provide benefits will keep providing benefits. Corporations that never cared about the health of their employees have already found loopholes to avoid having to provide it. There is no danger of downsizing happening, because the costs for these companies has not changed.

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