• Introducing a new financial burden

    I have been financially independent from my parents since I began college, working part-time during the school year and full-time during the summers to support myself. I am not under my parents' plan, and plan to live and work abroad beginning in August 2014. I have a basic, mandatory wellness plan through my university until I graduate in May. Paying for health insurance for the 2 1/2 months between graduation and moving abroad is absurd. This is not freedom.

  • Loss of Pay

    As of 2013 my pay has effectively been cut a 1/4 as I am a student worker and can no longer work 40. This combined with increases in mandatory health care and tuition has hurt me financially. Less money more bills, more debt. Computer Science major not impressed feel screwed.

  • YES

    A lot of people aren't lucky enough to have parents with jobs that offer decent benefits packages, so they can't very well get on their parents' medical insurance. Even of those that are lucky enough to have parents with those types of benefits, a lot of the benefits packages are going to cost so much that they will have to simply decline them.

    Now, most college kids are pretty strapped for cash as it is. I know that the media will tell you that every college kid is living it up with trips to the beach and drinking Grey Goose every weekend, but that's not the reality for most kids.

    Now, these kids have to somehow find a way to pay their ridiculous tuition, fees, room, and board rates. On top of this, they still have to find a way to buy books and eat. Most kids in college live on a shoestring budget.

    Thanks to this health care law garbage, they now have to find a way to afford yet another ridiculously expensive item or be given a fine.

    Oh, pardon me. I forgot that we're calling this financial penalty for failing to comply with a regulation, commonly known as a fine, a tax.

  • No, Obamacare will not hurt students.

    The healthcare legislation drafted and passed under President Obama will actually help students. Many young people who are students had no other way to get health care (unless they paid a large premium for insurance through their schools). Under the reformed laws, students are able to remain on their parents' insurance.

  • NO: Obamacare will not hurt students

    Perhaps the only good thing about Obamacare, is that it will allow parents to continue to ensure their young adult children to age 26, giving them insurance while they finish college and find work. Statistics also show that nearly three out of four kids age eighteen to twenty five are still living at home.

  • No, It Will Help Them

    Obamacare will actually help many many students in the United States. One of the worst policies that health insurance companies had was that they were able to drop grown children from their parents health plans. This means that college students often had no insurance and no way to pay for health care. Now, with Obamacare, most students are able to stay on their parents insurance plans until they turn 26, which will help them out quite a bit.

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