• This is a simple YES

    Health insurance is a necessity for the individual and society. Without it, the individual is one health disaster away from bankruptcy if not some serious morbidly or mortality. My neighbor certainly should not be on the hook with higher premiums to help pay for me being uninsured. And not being tied to an employer ever in their grace for health benefits is a huge dose of FREEDOM! The law is far from perfect but it offers some security, it stabilizes the individual fiancially at least from expensive health costs, and it allows each worker more mobility and freedom to change jobs. Overall this law has much more benefit than risk. I can only hope the Supreme Court doesn't dismantle it. I don't want to fathom returning to the previous system which was heartless, gutless, and no system at all.

  • The provisions of the 'Affordable Care Act' (aka Obamacare) will increase individual freedom since people won't be chained to jobs just to keep health insurance.

    In the real world one of the big benefits of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is that workers will have more freedom to change jobs, to seek higher wagers because they won't have to live in fear of not being able to get affordable health insurance. For a lot older Americans it means that they can reduce their work hours or even retire before age 65 because they will be able to get insurance coverage.

    So yes lots more individual freedoms.

  • My money, my decisions, but not under Obama.

    I'm a student and don't make much money. I'm still on my parents' insurance, and can be until age 26 as long as I'm a full-time student, due to Obama. But what if I don't get into graduate school next year? If I keep doing freelance writing like I have been, I have no benefits and will have to use part of my "disposable" income to buy insurance, or pay a fine. If I'm working for my money, why can't I decide how to spend it? (Plus, if I can't afford insurance, what makes him think I can afford the fine?) This is in no way increasing individual freedom.

  • It probably doesn't.

    It forces everyone to health insurance. I think that's pretty self explanatory as it takes away our right to pay for health insurance or not. It forces us to. I does give us the freedom to visit a doctor though if anything is wrong which is important. So I guess it's just a matter of looking at it.

  • Yea right! This is ridiculous!

    Forcing me to pay for something I may not need or want? How the hell does that give me FREEDOM! I am not responsible for other peoples lives or their health. The healthcare industry is worth 100s of billions of dollars. Why do they need our help? It is ridiculous!

  • Forcing me to buy healthcare doesn't increase my freedom of choice.

    I don't believe Obamacare will increase our freedom but reduce our choices. If we have insurance through our work, I believe it will be more regulated due to changes that will occur under the new programs. If we do not have work related insurance, we will be forced to purchase insurance through the Obamacare programs, which will require me to pay for something I will have no choice in buying. The increase of people coming into the health care system will also cause problems with lack of access to doctors, longer wait times, more streamlined (less individualized) care programs, and issues with new regulations under a new program. How will this increase my freedom? I will be free to seek healthcare, but most likely I will have less access to benefit from it.

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