Will Obamacare kick start a healthcare revolution?

  • It will provide those who cannot afford healthcare with a safety net for when they're ill.

    The Affordable Care Act was created with good intentions but it hasn't worked. There are still hundreds of thousands of people who cannot afford even standard healthcare let alone those who have pre-existing conditions. Rates of inflation reductions to overall GDP haven't been taken into account concerning this Act. Something else has to be done. It really annoys me when people make the argument 'it will not work' - how do you know that? There is no way to tell until it has happened. Similar schemes have been of a huge success in other countries allowing the poorest and most vulnerable access to medical care that they need.

  • No because the majority of the U.S. Public is too brainwashed.

    There are two categories of people who do not want a universal public health care system. People who work for insurance companies, and morons. Public health systems provide better health outcomes for a much lower cost, while covering the whole population. This isn't an opinion or point of debate, it is a fact. Yet people address the topic skepticism, ignoring the mountains of supporting evidence from real world examples. Unfortunately it will take a complete collapse of the criminal insurance cartel system (which will happen eventually; it simply isn't sustainable) for people to wake up. The United States' collective consciousness has a mental disorder causing it to believe that "free market" solutions are always the most efficient, and will produce the best quality. It is incapable of acknowledging that, while the market may be efficient at certain things, it isn't some sort of scientific rule, especially when dealing with public infrastructure (which in any rational mind should include health care). People in the U.S. Are terrified of being labeled "socialists" and will therefore take absurd positions to prove how right wing they are.

  • No Because It Already Has

    The purpose of the Affordable Care Act was to address the problems that were occurring in our health care system. We had a system where people were left out. We had a system where insurance costs were skyrocketing and people who paid into the system were kicked out when they got sick. We had a system where kids were denied coverage for pre-existing conditions that they could not control. And, we had people opting out of the system and waiting until they got sick to charge ER costs that were ultimately borne on everyone else. The ACA is a reasonable middle ground between those who like private insurance and those who feel that single-payer is the only option. The GOP backlash to Obamacare is ridiculous, especially as the ACA has all of the reforms that the GOP has supported in the past and did not require the country to adopt single payer.

  • No, because it didn't provide the necessary mechanisms for true universal health care,

    I am against the Affordable Care Act. But unlike most of my fellow opponents, I do not support free market healthcare. I support socialized health insurance. The ACA will not spur a revolution within the healthcare industry. It fails at what it tries to achieve. Millions would, and will, be uninsured by 2020 (not regarding undocumented immigrants).

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