Will Obamacare Lead to a Decline in Employment-Based Health Insurance?

  • Obamacare will Lead to a Decline in Employment-Based Health Insurance.

    The Affordable Care act will allow people to purchase their own health insurance at a much lower cost. As a result, fewer people will rely on employment based insurance. In general, most countries do not rely on employment based insurance. The United States is becoming more like other industrialized nations.

  • Sad, but true.

    Unfortunately, I think this whole Obamacare epidemic will cause a decline in Employment-Based Health Insurance. Mostly because if I remember hearing correctly, if certain businesses give their employees over 25 hours/week, they are required by the act to provide Health Insurance. I don't think companies want to give insurance to part timers.

  • It's time for employer based health insurance to end

    Hopefully, yes. Americans need to get over being fearful of this. Health insurance has been one of those things that has kept us handcuffed to lousy employers -- don't wanna lose those benefits, so we put up with the abuse. By separating health insurance into just another monthly bill we pay, it makes it a lot harder for bad companies to retain good employees, and that's a positive development.

  • Yes there will be a huge decline

    There is no question Obama Care will lead to a decline in employment based health insurance. The cost to cover employees is going to be a lot higher and even if the company does not completely do away with the coverage the price to the employees is likely to sky rocket.

  • yes it will have strange effects

    Our analysis suggests that the employer sponsored insurance (ESI) market will be fairly stable after 2014 when key Affordable Care Act (ACA) coverage provisions go into effect. The microsimulation models estimates from RAND, the Urban Institute, the Lewin Group and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) show net changes to ESI ranging from –0.3 percent to + 8.4 percent compared to baseline projections without ACA implementation

  • Obamacare to Increase Employee-Based Health Insurance

    Obamacare will actually increase employment-based health insurance since all employers are required to offer insurance coverage for their employees. Employers' expenses will increase, but the increase won't be that difficult to handle for the average company. All American workers will wind up covered by their employers unless they want private insurance.

  • Obamacare is an option for the once who can not afford

    Obamacare is an option for the people who are on the brink of the system in many ways. What this program and its implementation might mean is improvement in education and self care, so that people can arrive at a higher and more quality filled standard of living which in turn can open opportunities for growth in the work and economy field.

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