• Wasn't thought out properly

    In Nancy Pelosi's famous words: "We have to pass the health care bill so you can find out what is in it". A law that redefines health policy requires a well-crafted proposal that anticipates future challenges, rather like an elegantly well-designed watch. With all the wheeling and dealing going on to make this Frankenstein of a bill pass through Congress, do you really trust it to work like it's supposed to?

    More importantly, it's adding to the rosters people who can't afford healthcare insurance. Yes, you heard right. Lots of people say "Oh but we're forcing healthy young people who work to be in on the plan". But before you let that get into your head, there's a lot of more poor, sick people being added. And if the young, healthy workers don't like the high premiums, they'll most likely pay the penalty and see doctors with cash.

    Lastly, in a situation where the government is encouraging unlimited consumption of healthcare from citizens without any provisions for increasing supply, how will prices not rise?

  • More Demand = Higher Cost

    Since Obama & Pelosi evidently failed their economics classes, I will explain. It impossible to imagine that we will increase the demand for healthcare and reduce the cost. We cannot enslave the doctors and nurses. Also, they have made it illegal to offer discounts to people for remaining healthy. They are removing healthy incentives. Thirdly, they are making high deductible policies essentially illegal. Since I'm forced to buy a robust policy, I will go to the doctor every time I get the hiccups. It's paid for, so I have to use it.

  • Quite simply yes

    By requiring everyone to have insurance it drives the initial cost of healthcare up. As a result it also drives premiums up. It makes it harder for companies to compete and you can't shop around for the best deal. Insurance was originally only intended or emergencies, while other expenses you may have you could pay for fairly inexpensively out of your own pocket. Once people started using insurance for everything those rices went up.

  • Obamacare will raise healthcare costs,

    even though it promises to do exactly the opposite. Hospitals are going to become harder and harder to get into and good quality hospital care will become increasingly scarce. A friend of mine has been a heart surgeon for at least twenty years and is very discouraged because he said, "Now, I'm working more hours than I ever have and being paid less than I ever have." He is doing everything he can to make a living in a different field... Healthcare quality is going to become significantly lower while healthcare costs become significantly higher.

  • No, It Will Drive Down Health Costs

    The law will bring more people into the pool of people paying insurance. That brings more money into the system, and that should lower costs. The mandates of the Obamacare have other provisions that will target certain practices. It will also provide better oversight of the insurance companies that look for flimsy excuses to hike rates.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No, because it will bring more people into the healthcare system.

    Obamacare will ultimately help decrease healthcare costs because more people will be in the healthcare system. There will be further legislation to help subsidize the costs of medical care because the government will have its hand in it. Overall, I think the costs will decrease with time. At first it might be shaky, but I think Obama did the right thing.

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